iPhoneLox Live Statistics

iPhoneLox Statistics

iPhoneLox Live Statistics

As you can see by our statistics above and below, we are considered to be the best by many! Our up to date dedicated jailbreak and unlocking solutions have helped us reach our recent milestone of 800,000 total jailbreaks. Our impressive statistics and numbers have only been achievable through loyal customers who came to us because of our unmatchable support and products.

iPhoneLox gives you all the resources and solutions you need for whichever model iPhone or apple device you have – ensuring 100% satisfaction – there is nothing we can’t jailbreak or unlock!

We have had 69 new Jailbreaks / Unlocks today!

We have had 905,041 new Jailbreaks / Unlocks in total!

We only have a 1.87% refund rate

Our average support ticket response time is only 24 minutes

The latest iOS iPhoneLox supports is: 6.1

iPhoneLox supports the following iPhone versions: 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5

It takes literally minutes to sign up and get access, and only a few more minutes to fully jailbreak on unlock you iPhone – with iPhoneLox. Take a tour of what you’ll receive in the back-end or go ahead and purchase to get instant access now – even at 3AM!

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