Frequently Asked Questions

Will your product work on U.S iPhones?

Yes! We have the keys to unlocking and jailbreaking your iPhone, no matter where you bought it! Our proven methods are time-tested and guaranteed.

How do I know which firmware version my iPhone is using?

Checking your firmware version is easy. All you need to do is go into your settings, click on ‘General’, and then click on ‘About’. There you will find all sorts of information about your iPhone. The firmware is listed next to ‘Version’.

Can your software unlock the latest firmware? Version 6.01?

Absolutely.  Our product is now able to unlock the latest iOS firmware – version 6.0.1.

Is your product really as easy to use as your sale page states?

Yes. Our product is really easy to use. When you purchase it you also get a very simple and easy to use, fully illustrated guides that will show you exactly how to unlock and jailbreak your iPhone. The whole process will take you less than 5 minutes and there is no technical knowledge required. If you get stuck at any time we are always just a click away!

Can I unlock/jailbreak multiple iPhones with your product?

When you purchase our product, you will be free to unlock/jailbreak to your heart’s content. There are no limitations to how many units you can own, so why should there be a limit on how many iPhones you can use our service on?

Will I lose any of my features when I unlock my iPhone?

Quite the opposite! When you unlock your iPhone with our service, you will not only keep all of your current features, you will have a whole new world of features available to you.

What iPhone models does your software work with?

Our software unlocks/jailbreaks all iPhones, including the 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5. We can unlock it even if it’s been upgraded to firmware version 6.0.1.

Do I need to have my iPhone activated with AT&T or O2?

No. Our iPhone unlocking service will activate and unlock your iPhone so it is not necessary to activate your phone with either of these carriers before using our software.

How much will future updates cost?

When you get our iPhone unlocking software, you also get free updates for life! You’ll be able to unlock your phone in the future as Apple releases new firmware versions and upgrades. All this is included!

Will this jailbreak my iPhone?

Yes. Our iPhone unlocking software will also jailbreak the Phone. Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to run Cydia and many other third party apps. You can also download games, modify or download new themes and additional software!

Will your solution work on an iPhone that has already been activated?

Yes. Our iPhone unlock solution works on all iPhones even if they have been previously activated.

Does your software work with Windows or Mac?

We have software for both Windows, MAC, and Linux, so yes… you can use our solution on your computer. You just select which version of the software you wish to download from the member’s area. You will have access to the member’s area after you have made your purchase – do that below.

It takes literally minutes to sign up and get access, and only a few more minutes to fully jailbreak on unlock you iPhone – with iPhoneLox. Take a tour of what you’ll receive in the back-end or go ahead and purchase to get instant access now – even at 3AM!

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